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If wellness is the journey, Costa Rica is the destination

If wellness is the journey, Costa Rica is the destination

If wellness is the journey, Costa Rica is the destination

Costa Rica Azul is proud to present a new series of #TravelForWellness articles.

We will travel this beautiful country in search of spots that promote our values of wellness, a healthy lifestyle and sustainability.

Costa Rica is recognized as a wonderful destination for vacation and extended stay.

Sustainable development is a key factor to consider for families that are thinking about our beaches as their new home.

A Costa Rica Azul explorer wrote this article on Manuel Antonio and today we invite you, our international and English speaking community to enjoy real life adventures and living experiences. This piece was sent to us by Alina, from Australia who decided to move to one of our top beaches, Manuel Antonio.

Out of respect and appreciation for Alina, we share her article in full. Hope you enjoy it! ”

By Alina Brique, for Costa Rica Azul.

“In this modern day it’s an undeniable truth that we are living way to fast. We just go home straight from work, after getting through the day with that annoying low back pain that’s been bothering us for weeks now. Sure, it’s a hard to break routine but, what ever happened with enjoying our life? What was the last time that we focused on making ourselves happy?

If you have repeated this questions in your head over and over again, maybe it’s time for you to begin your journey to wellness. And what should be your first destination? Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, of course. That’s what I chose and I love it. 

Located at Costa Rica’s Central Pacific, this magical place is worldwide famous for its natural abundance, so if you are all about sustainable tourism, this is your place. At Manuel Antonio´s National Park you can dip in the clear waters of the ocean, walk next to the mischievous monkeys through the extensive rainforest, and enjoy the most exotic fauna, all in the same day. With such beauty, it’s only obvious why Manuel Antonio became the most visited destination in Costa Rica.

Here, you can relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the beach while listening to the lovely sounds of nature, or, if you are more of the adventurous type, you can participate in the innumerable activities this place has to offer, including sport fishing, kayaking among mangroves, canopy, rafting, diving, surf lessons, snorkeling and catamaran tours.

If you still want to explore even more natural beauties, you can visit the Nauyaca waterfalls, which are located just a few miles away from Manuel Antonio. Here you will find a true connection with yourself.

The waterfalls are not the only natural destinations that are really close to Manuel Antonio. Marino Ballena National Park, where you will have the opportunity to observe whales, and Carara National Park, ideal for bird watching, are also two great options nearby.

Manuel Antonio-Quepos area has everything you need to live your everyday life. You don’t have to bother thinking where you will find things like groceries or medicine, cause supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, banks and gyms are just around the corner.

Telephone and internet services are excellent, so if you need to reach home you can do it without any trouble.

As to nightlife, whether you want to dance to Latin music or unwind at electronic parties, Manuel Antonio and Quepos have dozens of bars, restaurants and nightclubs of all kinds, including LGBTQ+ clubs. As a matter of fact, Manuel Antonio is well known to be one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Costa Rica, so you can expect nothing but tolerance and respect.

We can tell you one thing: you will never be bored at this place.” 

We thank Alina for sharing her story and a little about her piece of paradise with the Costa Rica Azul community.

Our CRA team also has a few things to highlight. We noticed the significant development that has sprouted in the gastronomy, hospitality and luxury living scene. Both for vacation as well as for permanent living.

One of Manuel Antonio’s newest developments is Islas Of Manuel Antonio. We were lucky enough to take a tour of the new site that is breaking ground on what can really be called a breathtaking spot. #Wow. Brandi, the Administrative Director, showed us around and shared with us the Islas vision: To be the first of it’s kind, an unparalleled combination of naturally beautiful environments, architecture, design, and sustainable luxury amidst world-class amenities and service on what they believe to be one of the most blessed beaches in the world.  We loved it.

Islas Of Manuel Antonio is the first major real estate project in more than a decade granted construction permits in the area.  It’s a masterpice of design crafted by a dream team of sorts: Architect Juan Robles teamed up with Landscape Design international sensation and artist Javier Martén to create an absolute blend-with-nature project that combines luxury with true environmental sustainability.

The project amenities designed are amazing and the pool area will have the most astonishing panoramic view of the national park, clubhouse, pool house, yoga deck, gym, restaurant, lounge bar, trails, among others. We can’t wait to come and visit someone we love here. Perhaps you? Thank you Islas team. We loved the tour and wish the lucky 50 owners of your project a healthy life, the Costa Rica Azul way…

So if you are planning to start a new life, and wellness is a priority for you as it is to us in Costa Rica Azul… Manuel Antonio has a great deal to offer.

For families with young ones education shouldn’t be a problem. Besides solid public schools, there are three bilingual educational institutions in the area, which provide both primary and secondary education.

So, ¿what are you waiting for? A true paradise is waiting for you at #ManuelAntonio.

Thank you for joining us in this first piece of our new section TRAVEL FOR WELLNESS. A new piece every week will follow. If you liked this piece, share it with your community and let’s spread the Costa Rica Azul mantra together and the words of our founder Doctor Christian Rivera: “WE CAN REINVENT THE FUTURE!” 

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